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Time to Rebuild

No, I didn’t do something shady and got suspended.  I just canceled my hosting account like I said I would.  It would’ve been cool if it paid for itself somehow, but we tried that and it failed horribly.  I’ll slowly re-add all the class pages as I update them.  I think that’s the easiest way(for me) to keep track of what I’ve done and what still needs to be done.  Or maybe I won’t.

On a sidenote: anyone else getting a FPS drop when you target something?  I am 85% sure its the target-only triggers that are causing it.  Or it could honestly be something else like the huge amount of models being displayed.

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Deathknight 3.0

Short and quick.  Deathknight stuff now importable. Have at it.

No rune border since that was probably the source of the decompression errors preventing importing in the first place.  Unholy soul sucky thing gone since the model behavior changed.  Blood also looks different for the same reason.

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Launch Day

I think I am going to just wait til launch day to update the blog.  It would be a huge waste of time to fix everything, then find out I have to do it all over again on the 30th.

I think I’ve also finally come to terms with the fact that I won’t get my old stuff back.  Fuck computers.  Time to pick up the pieces and start over from scratch.

Things to come:

  • Deathknight Importable UI strings
  • Demon hunter stuff
  • Outlaw Rogue
  • Witcher 3 UI

Also, my hosting contract is up next month too I think.  I dunno what the price will be to renew it since I started it with a limited time deal sort of thing.  So who knows…if this site goes down, its cause I didn’t pay the bill.  I haven’t even bought Legion yet.  Priorities…



Just like I expected, the patch really messed things up.  Spell models shifted out of place or magnified/shrunk.  Shaman abilities pruned to the point where I don’t even want to play a shaman anymore.  C’mon, no shields, no shocks, still no target-castable defensive CDs?  GrRr…this expansion getting off to a disappointing start.

If you want to contribute to fixing spell auras or other shit, message me.  They are still the same more or less, but the spell settings just need to be tweaked, which is very easy.  Even a child can do it.  Or I can teach you.  Otherwise me doing it all by myself for 11 classes x 3 specs still take forever. Especially since I won’t be playing that much anymore.


TLDR; The UI’s are fucked up until I/you fix them.

Specs that I have sort of repaired:

  • Restoration Shaman
  • Enhancement – going to remove the maelstrom lightning because its too difficult to control where it “strikes”.  That is a recurring problem with really big model sizes. You can see the cutoff lines badly and it looks really bad.
  • Affliction Lock – It won’t look exactly the same, but you can’t help that when changing things around
  • generic Hunter (LOL) – like there was anything much to fix anyway.
  • Paladin UI- haven’t fixed the spells
  • Assassination Rogue- no spells
  • Mistweaver – for the most part.  Haven’t decided if I want to keep the renewing mist tracker since its not so important.

Going to be changing how you guys download the art.  It won’t be individual files anymore, just one folder you can just drop over your interface folder for the specific class/spec.

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Silent tears

My hard drive that had 800gb of videos, music, documents, and pictures died. I want to just sit in the corner and cry…At least my SSD with the OS and WoW is okay.


After having the whole day to pout about it, I am over it. Time to start over and learn to back up my shit. Since this was a self-inflicted fuck up, I have no one to blame but myself.  See those burn marks? Bye bye, motor controller.  If anyone works in data recovery or PCB repair and can hook a brother up, lemme know.  I could order a replacement U1 chip whose shipping costs 16x more than the product, but no.  I could also order a new PCB board and swap out the U12 BIOS chip from the old one onto the new board to fix it, IF there is no preamplifier damage and I could solder it on well (which I can’t).  One day maybe.

Learn from this cautionary tale – back up your WTF folder, back up your important files and do it regularly. A $60 storage drive is way less costly than something like $300 data recovery.  I will miss my porn and music.  This might be a good reason to just quit playing all together.


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After Effects Wizards

Maybe enabling comments was not such a good idea.  I’m noticeably getting more spam comments.  At least I think they are since most of them are from the Soundtracks section, which is peculiar.  If you posted recently and it was legitimate, I am sorry, but you talk like a robot so I deleted it.  At least the blog is starting to look like where I want it to be.  I think its pretty good for someone just stumbling blindly in the dark about CSS and HTML.  I also added random music to some class pages because I can.  If this upsets you, there is a little play/pause button in the top right corner to stop it.

So many little projects going on! I’m making slow progress on the Gundam Breakers thing. I’m not that versed when it comes to fonts so I have no idea what fonts could be used as alternatives.

Gundam Breakers 3 UI


I’ve also made this custom bar texture from Mighty No. 9 (even though the launch was not so good).  I liked it and might recreate the whole UI, for shits and giggles.



Behold! This is what I intend to use as a mana bar and it’ll shoot off magic blue jizz when casting.  It’s gonna be ORGASMIC.  I know the texture pulsing is not going to work for stop motion, but thats okay.  What’s that??More particles, you say?? You got it.


I also made this lame ass EKG thing that needs serious improvement.  My intention was to make like 3 different ones based on your hp threshold.  If anyone knows how to make the outer rim’s glow kinda trail and light up instead, please teach me.  I bet if I mash all these things together, it’ll still make a decent looking something.