Trying It Out


So I decided to try this free little blog thing.  Thought it would better allow me to ramble on about things no one cares to know on Youtube. It feels more intuitive being able to directly refer to what I’m talking about with pictures and stuff.  We’ll see how it goes.  No one will probably read this anyway.

Eclipse Power Tracker 

People seem to like it.

.I used some very advanced techniques consisting of:

  • A super quality in-game screenshot of the EclipsePowerPlus addon
  • My unquestionable Photoshop skills to bend it
  • layers of deceptive WeakAuras wizardry

Here was the initial test phase products, which turned out okay.  Then I realized that white diamond thing in the middle would be in the way and there wasn’t a mode without it.  So I had to start over.

 Breakdown of the process:

  1. The original bar was broken down into several pieces and the main power bar section was bent using the Tranform>Warp function.EB1
  2. The bar textures were removed and the whole thing was reassembled.Untitled-2
  3. A white “bar” texture was made from the negative space in the middle section.  It’s important to use a blank white bar because it allows you the option of changing the color later in WeakAuras if you so wish.  Using a pre-colored bar will affect the amount of visible color change if you ever decided to change it later when its too late.Untitled-3
  4. A “void” version of the whole bar is created to serve as a background to block anything that might show through from the gameUntitled-4
  5. The sort of completed bar after a color swap to match the crest a little more.  The white progress bar would later be used to make an orange progress bar for Solar power and a blue bar for Lunar power (inverse).Untitled-5

I still want to add some effects to indicate the spell damage buffs.  Haven’t quite gotten the hang of what all the symbols mean yet.

I’ll probably hold off on uploading it until I get around to asking the original addon author if it’s cool to re-use his work.  Seems like the right thing to do.


2 thoughts on “Trying It Out

  1. hi,MagicalDandruff,i love this Radian EclipsePowerPlus,can you make a mail to me ? is me,THX very much^^ I hope you can have more outstanding works


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