All Hail, Shaman

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Lightning Shield Tracker 2.0

With the new changes to Elemental shamans, the old 7 charge shield tracker has been decommissioned.

LS old

I had a half-baked concept for a 2.0 tracker which I ended up scrapping. It involved those little orby things lumping into a bigger spark ball every 5 stacks of Lightning Shield.  It ended up looking too clunky for my tastes.

The new one I have in mind will use Haromm’s Frozen Crescent as the base, which I think is a nice little tribute seeing as its no longer in the game.  And it just screams “SHAMAN”

Source Image:

Haromm purple

Editted Image:

Lightning Shield Tracker 2.0

I was thinking of having those shards serve as each single shield stack.   Yes, all 15 stacks.  I’m on the fence about the color scheme though since the focus has shifted a little away from lightning and thunder and more towards flame and earth elements. I supposed I could use the Normal-mode colored version as an alternative.


One thought on “All Hail, Shaman

  1. Looking forward to your revision on the eve of a variety of professional skills ah ~


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