Everything Deathknight


Distinguishing DK Crests

Since no one answered the call to help me, I finally got around to creating appropriately-colored crest for each Deathknight presence myself. Feast your eyes!  Had I known how easy it would be, I would’ve done it a year and a half ago.

DK presences

I haven’t seen anyone use the smaller icon versions so I’ll just assume no one likes those. Man I wish I liked playing a DK.  You’d have to be trying really hard to make them not look awesome.

 Blood Presence

So the patch also changed the “Animate” behavior of Plaguestrike in WeakAuras.  Before, it would keep it smooth and …for lack of a real word  – dissolve-y (A), like particles in a liquid.  But now it does absolutely nothing.  I attempted a quick fix, which I think looks decent, but its nowhere near as cool as before.  And it never will be now.  The red glow has been toned down a few notches but now it pulses like mad. I dunno, might be a good thing, might be a bad thing.

(A) Pre 6.0 version

(B) Post 6.0 version


Fun Fact –  The runes shift to different positions in each stance

All I see now are exoskeleton Terminator eyes.  Pro tip – If you are going to use a pan out shot, anti-aliasing makes a HUGE difference.  All these damn DK’s running into my shot. Took me forever just to get like 20 seconds of footage!

So much left to do but so little time left ’til WoD drops.

I wish I had friends with artistic skills.


4 thoughts on “Everything Deathknight

  1. is there a pastebin for this? cant find one


  2. or could you explain how to get it to work in 6.0.3 ?
    I got your saved variables into my account folder
    than the customui in my addon folder
    and the animation is working but there is a bunch of green squares


  3. It’s an outdated string that still uses the old filepath system. Just change any custom texture path so that it goes from to just (no arrow things). And the green boxes should change to the proper art. With that folder, the Blood presence effects are busted, but you can still use it.


  4. Any chance of getting the updated version of this? Recently stumbled onto your work and I love all of it.


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