Lightning Shield 2.0 Update

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So the new Lightning Shield tracker concept is shaping up nicely.


It looks a little wide but I can deal with that later.  Everything from the previous post has made it in-game close to if not exactly like the concept picture.  Each crystal thing is a separate aura, despite it all looking like one big static one.

I took some artistic liberties and added some lightning spread along the blue tracks and I gotta say it turned out more awesome than I initially planned.  I had a tough time getting around the choppy reset that plagues the MAIN ANIMATION portion of an aura.  With some sneaky Zoom tricks though, I managed to make the reset look more natural.  One issue that I foresee is that the strata level is getting too high and overlapping with default Blizzard window modules.  I hope they add a strata system like Stuf soon.  That would be lovely.  Otherwise I’ll have to go through all the spells and bring them all down a strata or two. And I don’t to.

All you get is a screenshot for now because seeing it in action would BLOW YOUR MIND!  “You” being the 1-2 people that bother to read this stuff.  Thank you!

Maybe it’ll make it into Weak Auras UI Montage 3  before WoD comes out.  No one cares anyway.


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