— UPDATE —  The import string is up, so have at it. I didn’t add anything new because I got lazy. Please read the HOW TO page if you don’t know how to get it to work.

If you didn’t get that reference, it was a line from the show Suits, also referencing the Wonder twins. Anyway….

feral Druid Catform (Siakim)

So I had these images sitting in my dropbox for a while and someone only recently asked me about them.  I kind of forgot about it.  Thought I would address it.

This was the initial theme I had in mind for Feral/Druid Forms pre-patch 6.0.  I kind of sat on it for a while but its somewhat broken now that the patch is live.  Weak Auras can no longer distinguish between the different travel forms so art for those are now out. Gotta love these changes no one asked for.

I recycled the crystal counter from my Lords of Shadow 2 UI recreation.  It fit the whole aesthetic pretty well, I think.  Also got a nice little animated Savage Roar tracker.  The little bars expand and shrink, which gives it a monitor-ish feel, even though in reality it has nothing to do with the time left on the buff, but  who cares? I think it’s cool……..shut up.

The issue with this whole concept of druid form art is that….well….there isn’t any, really.  None that fit the criteria.  When I initially formed the idea, I was all psyched for all the bad ass artwork for druid forms I’d see, but most people drew their druids doing dumb shit like shooting laser beams out of their hands/eyes or drew the subject in a spot on the canvas where parts of the druid got cut off by the border/edge (mostly this).

This is the original drawing by Siakim.

It’s perfect!  All parts of both subjects stay within the canvas.  It has incredibly spot-on detail and BONUS, it kind of looks like they are leaping out at you.

 He/she has some damn impressive art.  Seriously, give their deviantART gallery a gander, it’s amazing.  The flood of new viewers might get his attention and then he’ll start drawing stuff for me.  One can only hope.  Go poke him and demand more WoW stuff.

So unless some freelance artist suddenly creates incredible designs for various racial druid forms,  the train stops here.  Also I never got his permission to use it per se, so…uh… there’s that too.

Also sit tight, I know you guys want to play with the Eclipse bar and I will upload the string when I log on tonight.  It’s far from perfect, so don’t have high expectations.


7 thoughts on “THE FORM OF … A DOUCHEBAG!!!

  1. Great idea ~ your material seems less a Eclipsebargreen? Hope to be able to upload


  2. I found you work in a mainland web and came here.( I’m a Hongkonger)
    Strongly wishing to have feral druid’s version, the bloody one in the article!
    Just now I helped you to tweet Siakim. Hope he can have a reply.
    By the way, is it possible for just releasing the feral druid work without the picture? Will it still be having some copyright problem?
    I readly want to have the feral druid ver. because I played feral for 4 years.


  3. Good news!
    magicaldandruff hopes to use your artwork for the UI in WOW. Please see this.

    Sia Kim
    @HoSankies thx to asking me. ok, use it
    Check this out on his twitter. He has authorized you to use the artwork.
    But I just told him about the use of the artwork. The issue about providing different race of druid is not being mentioned.
    I think you can tweet him directly as he has already given up in deviantART and use twitter now.

    Please also inform me if the feral is released!!! 🙂


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