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How about that swanky new site art eh??  Pretty good for a guy who didn’t know how to do shit at the start of the day.  It was just a test run.  There’s no special meaning to what class they are. Except the draenei, that’s Jebusbeam.  The best draenei this side of the Mississippi.  Eventually I want to do one with some former guildies now on Stonemaul.  Gotta give them advanced notice though to slap on their fanciest transmogs!

I had another elaborate video and song daydreamed in my head but I dunno.  Maybe I should just stop with those.  I don’t even have enough cool stuff to show.  Anyways, going to spread out some of those  UI ideas I have concocted over the next few days.  Gotta pace myself or I’m gonna run out of stuff to talk about.  After seeing SilverUI2 though, makes me wonder what the hell I am doing. Lost all my motivation for the day.

With the current improvements to Weak Auras 2 coding, you can now manually jumpstart 3D animations when they are stopped by an in-game cinematic or full-screen something with the click of a macro button.  It’s not the most ideal fix, but one of the pros is that it gives good opportunities for some sick video shots.


I MEAN, LOOK AT THAT SHIT! Current tests seem to hold off the animation-stop bug, so it rarely happens now.  I’ve been playing tag with InfusOnWoW, one of the maintainers of Weak Auras 2.  He recently enlightened me to the fact that you no longer need an inverse aura to always show something.  There is a Status>Condition>Always On trigger now.  I still get stutters on animation but maybe that’s just something on my end.

 Good things to come in the near future.


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