WA2 Gradient Cast Bar


Another small change I made was cuttting out the use of Quartz.  I re-used some code from the Eclipse power bar, courtesy of InfusOnWoW, and made a castbar with Weak Auras 2.  It has its share of small bugs but I think it looks pretty nice.  I couldn’t make the height of the bar that thin using Quartz so I went with this in the mean time.  Quartz would also squish the spell icon with decreased bar height, which was no bueno.


With WA2 I can set a 2-color gradient cast bar, cause two is better than one, damn it.  I also get the added benefit of animating the castbar to slide/fade in from the left and slide/fade out to the right, which looks pretty slick. Suck it, Quartz!

I’m going to stay away from using any 3D models in the cast bar because, I think, if you use a gimmick too much, it starts to get old real fast.

The string up on pastebin is only colored for the Monk class for now.  You’ll have to make a new set for each class if you want specific class-related colors.  Channeled spells progress in the opposite direction of normal cast ones, so if you want the progress bar color to be consistent, make sure normal cast and channeled cast colors are opposite.

Remember to always backup your WTF folder before importing anything, even stuff from me.

Link is up on my pastebin


4 thoughts on “WA2 Gradient Cast Bar

  1. What font are you using and how to get it? The default one makes it look really bad 😦


    • Guess I did forget to say what font it is. Its called Christopher Hand. I think you can just google it and it’ll be the first hit. I use a combo of 2 addons. Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text to import the font in-game, then LibSharedMedia-3.0 to share it across all my addons.


  2. Do you have a link to the import code for this? I would LOVE that!!


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