What the hell…


dropbox down

UPDATE – I’ve copied the files over to my google drive.  Please be gentle this time and don’t make me regret it.  I think I am going to disable my dropbox until I figure out how to deal with the bandwidth limit.  I don’t know if its because of you guys downloading files or from loading all the images when you visit the site, but its going to be down for 3 days or so.

Google Drive

Highlight of the Day:


Thanks for killing my Dropbox, reddit.  In retrospect, hosting my blog pictures from there was not a good a idea.  Now I know where all the spikes in site views come from.  While I lurk the site myself, I don’t have an account there to defend myself, so hate away!  I already knew what kind of comments to expect though, especially those concerning the 3rd montage showcase.  Whatever.  I do this stuff FOR FUN and in my SPARE TIME. I’m not whoring myself out or begging people to subscribe and shit.  You don’t like some of this stuff? That’s fine…its not for you, but other people do enjoy it, and that is the only reason I still share things.

I’ll admit that the intro to that video was one of my biggest regrets, but shit, I had to fill the soundtrack time with something.

I don’t think there is anything I can do about Dropbox being down at the moment.  Just wait it out until the hurricane passes through.


24 thoughts on “What the hell…

  1. Hey sorry for the Dropbox crash, your material is sick! I was curious under the Pastebin if there was DK import strings as I can not see them? I’m sure you have already said or there is a reason as to why they aren’t there. Again thanks alot!


  2. Thank you very much


  3. So I individually went through the DK path files on the WAs and added them (so many) including the runes. But now that they all show up I’m not sure what to do there aren’t any strings or anything.


  4. ugh, at this point im willing just to pay you to make a youtube tutorial for DKs LOL Your knowledge is like way up there on this stuff (obviously) compared to mine


    • Just save yourself the trouble and copy your existing weak auras somewhere like in a word document. Then copy my saved variables over so you get all the DK stuff with the right settings, then import your auras back. That is the only reasonable way to do it.


  5. Ok, I have my weakauras saved. I have done literally everything the instructions have said. But I dont see any animations when I switch presences. But im pretty I need to import strings? or do I have make my own WA’s with your images. Cause if thats the case I have no idea how you got it to do all that animation stuff.. But yeah my previous weakauras are safe and sound


    • Okay, the fact that you are not seeing green squares tells me that you are not putting the files from the saved variables in the right place.
      Starting over from the beginning, copy the Custom UI folder from the .rar and paste it INSIDE your interface folder. And the weak auras folders if you dont already have it yet.

      Navigate to your World of WarcraftWTFAccountYOURACCOUNTNAMESaved Variables folder and copy these 4 files from the .rar and paste them inside:
      1) WeakAuras.lua
      2) WeakAuras.lua.bak
      3) WeakAurasOptions.lua
      4) WeakAurasOptions.lua.bak

      there are lots of versions of the Saved Variables folder, so make sure you are in the exact one I described.


      • Ok, trying that now. Should have it hopefully. Will report back


      • Ok…green square plus all this SICK animation stuff now what. I dont actually see the DK class icon crest stuff tho, just animations with green square


      • ok nevermind, just fix the file paths, thanks bro…sick shit dude, seriously this is what addons need sooooo sick….oh last question, so when I replaced the Saved Variables and the Weak Auras, (I saved the WTF folder and the Weak Auras) what do I do with them, like without over writing the stuff I just got back?


      • When you say you saved the Weak Auras, you saved them as import strings I hope?

        If you want all your addons back, you will need to delete those 4 files from your backed up WTF so that when you copy it back, it doesn’t overwrite the DK stuff. Then just re-import all your saved strings.

        Also, let me know if there are issues with the animations when you switch presence. Some other guy was telling me they were not as smooth as in the video.


      • Nah I didn’t save the strings but honestly, Setting up personal Weak Auras takes me 5 second and I dont have that many anyway. Addons are fine just my Supervillian UI settings reset but again it was easy to set it up. Just have to figure out why my class Weak Auras wont move (locked in place). Animations are flawless, All 3 presences are perfect. So sick! only problem is I hope Im not distracted tomorrow during raid LOL…but if you have an tips on why my class weakauras are locked in place Ill be out of your hair. And maybe if people have the same questions I did they can read our convo. I’m an idiot and you got it “fixed” for me! Thank you by the way.


      • The only reasons I can think of for it not moving is either you aren’t clicking on the main group or you have set a main animation which prevents you from dragging it around.


      • Ok got it, thanks bud!!!


  6. Hi, I’ve tried a ton of your weakauras and I’d love them if they all worked properly! I’m not sure if its just because they need updated or what, but on most of my toons its either similar to pulling teeth or theres something not lined up right or not showing up when it should. I’ve had issues with your DK WAs not having the smooth switching animations you showed off and also had issues with my paladin’s not showing the right number of holy charges and my druid’s just not showing up at all even though I’ve tried the dozen or so different configs you have on your pastebin. I feel like it’d help to the tune of leaps and bounds if you put it on a git hub or something so I know I have the latest edition vs one you made a few years ago 😛

    Anywho, heres hoping my feedback helped a bit!


    • did you do the exact steps? cause I cant even get mine to show up with animations?


      • Assuming you’ve backed up your WTF folder and existing auras already, You should’ve opened the deathknight 2.0.rar file and saw 2 folders – Interface and Saved Variables.

        The interface folder goes in your WorldofWarcraftinterface folder and has the Custom UI folder with all the art in addition to the folders for weak auras.

        The Saved Variables folder should go here – WorldofWarcraftWTFAcocuntYOURACCOUNTNAME and should replace 4 weak auras files if they already exist.

        It should load up after that, unless you are putting them somewhere else.


    • Off the top of my head, the feral UI probably isn’t working because I had it set for a specific race and dungeon difficulty, because I have more than one druid on different servers. Its fixed now though and should load at the start. The generic Druid UI was waaaaay outdated so I just deleted it since I have more recent ones for each spec, which I will upload later. I also do not think I have any pally auras that track holy power, so that might be something else on your end. The DK animation thing…..I dunno what’s going on there to be honest. No one has reported having that issue yet and it seems to work fine on my end. In fact, just a few mins ago, another person got it working and reported the animations working fine. As for things being out of place, I made most of them while playing at the smallest UI scale at 1920×1080 resolution, so if you are on different settings, things will most likely shift positions, and there is nothing much I can do about that. I also recommend updating to the latest version of Weak Auras if you haven’t already, since things also move around when it is updated. We’ll tackle these issues one at a time!


      • thanks for the update, everything is just so hard to find. I think it’d be amazing if you set up a config with all the auras already set up in default for all classes and we can just disable it if we don’t like it as I’d use it for just about every class I have. I also have Elvui so it might be interfering with it. I know I put the stuff in the right places, I’ve done more than enough work with plugins to know what I’m doing too 😛


      • Even if I wanted to do some kind of mass-enabled pack, I could not because of import size limitations. I could go the same route as the Deathknight stuff, but if you are already putting that much effort in, just importing the ones you want is much simpler by far.

        You are having trouble locating things where? Pastebin? Dropbox? The WA config? Every aura group is usually named by Class-Spec things, so you can use the search filter to find it quick and disable the spec conditional, if that helps a little.

        Also if you happen to play on a non-English, I think you need to change aura names to your local language. Like English= Moonfire, but German= Mondfeuer


      • It was when I was looking for druid and paladin stuff, I’d see 3+ different configs for both and didn’t know which I should select. I feel like if you put the recommended imports in with the “for dummies” section, it’d make my life a billion times easier.


  7. So the “interface” folder should go inside the Original “Interface” folder next to the Original “Addons” folder correct? If so, Ive done that and the SavedVariables replaced my account name SavedVariables. I booted up wow and did /wa and I didnt see anything. Those were the steps you’ve told me


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