Challenge Mode preparation – WoD edition

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Let’s take a step back from UI’s and class crests and share something else I like to waste time on – content editing.

Here is the first Challenge Mode thing I made for Mists of Pandaria:

So. . . continuing with the tradition of game motifs, I have been tinkering around on sleepless nights and came up with three several versions of a Challenge Mode template for . . . if/when I ever did them for WoD.  Don’t think that will happen though, since this expansion is just continuing to go downhill at an alarming rate.  Previews of the next patch content just made me depressed.  So I thought I’d share what I came up with before I just stopped playing all together.

I thought I captured the essence of each source shot pretty good. Here are some side by side comparisons: Megaman X 4, Megaman X, some random wallpaper, Marvel vs Capcom 2 (i think, not even sure anymore)

MMX4 CM MMX4 mission select

Megaman X version CMMegaman X Stage Select Source

MMX4 CM v2MMX4 v2

Marvel VS Capcom - CM

The plan was to cycle through all the boss pics and have the dungeon image change accordingly.  I probably would’ve also went the whole nine yards and added an indicator on the world map to the dungeon location.

Of course, they are all on hiatus now, since I don’t really have a reason to finish.  Stuff that still needs work:

  • permanent backgrounds
  • what to put in the blank corner boxes of MMX verison
  • where text should go
  • adding cursor effects and stuff
  • adding in My (or your) character and Khadgar’s models to the left/right sides
  • soundtracks (very important!)  

The watermarks are just there to prevent any unsavory characters from stealing my shit before I can use it myself.  But since its unlikely to happen, maybe I can live vicariously through one of you awesome dudes and you can use it in my place.

Here is the original source material from Megaman X4 that I wanted to emulate (from the pre-HD days – let me tell you, it was not easy making a 1920×1080 version).

Catchy song, right? Remember what that sounded like.  Now here is a rough cut of the vision I wanted.  Came out pretty good, but not yet where I want it.  I suggest waiting on it to load in 1080p60, otherwise stuff looks fuzzy.  Its worth it.  It was a nice bit of nostalgia mixing the old with the new:


I greyed out Skulloc’s portrait as if you had just watched that dungeon challenge, so if you were wondering…that’s why.  I also tried to re-create that thick outline boss pic style.  Overall, it was a fun idea to mess with.  It’d be a pain in the ass to do that for every video though, but knowing me, I’d totally do it.  Youtube also does not have an option for borderless links, so I only had one up as a test.  Looks terrible.  Maybe one day when Youtube let’s us use flash, then I can do what I really want.


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  1. The last video it’s privated….:/


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