Now With 50% Less Chance of Seizures


Sometimes people like to share with me what their UIs look like now.  Many of those are paladins.  A lot of them have this in it.


When I first started out messing with spell animations, this was something I could not fix.  Anyway, there must have been some improvements or I was just not trying hard enough, but its a correctable thing now.


MmmMmmhhh….so smooth.  That feeling, when things work the way they should.

Quick and easy fix – just open up the config> check the Animation box under the Display tab> and drag the slider to 2.

I also noticed many of you went the whole nine yards and even copied my unitframes layout (name, hp, number positions).  Maybe just for consistency. Maybe you liked it, (I’m starting to dislike it).  I just thought that was interesting, especially when that was a setup I did not share.  That’s true dedication right there.


4 thoughts on “Now With 50% Less Chance of Seizures

  1. Ha my UI looked like that for longest time few weeks ago i changed it to make it more smooth 😛


  2. I’d love to use that Avenging Wrath aura, which is not included with your Spell Effects for Paladin. Could you pretty please give the code for it? I’m trying to replicate it, but mine looks shitty ;_;


  3. Thanks a lot! I did some messing around with WeakAuras and my UI and now it looks AWESOME! I love you ❤


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