WA2 Workshop – Elemental 2.0 and Shaman-y stuff


Recently got a bad stomach bug so I took some time to mess with ideas for a new twist on elemental’s crest look (in-between sessions of intense toilet-pondering).  Honestly, the one I had in MoP was so half-assed.  At the time, I rushed to come up with an idea so that I would have something to show in my Challenge Mode runs.    Elemental is tricky in that you can’t really single out one elemental motif because it utilizes all of them, unlike Resto and Enhancement, which we can sort of narrow down to water and wind respectively. You could probably argue that all the specs use each element in some form, but whatever.

From what I hear, this expansion, Elemental’s single target damage mostly comes from praying that Lava Surge procs so you can shoot more Lava Bursts. So I wanted to make something that focused on one element that didn’t cross over with the other specs which felt unique in its own right.  And came up with this:


I felt like I had to make up for all the disappointing ones I came up with before and go full throttle with the flashiness this time around.  Of course, like always, some things are subject to change on my whim.  I think the spinning aura isn’t cutting it.  But aside from that, try to appreciate the beauty of its subtleties.  The color change from the normal crest to a heated fiery red/orange.  The flowing magma between the rocky things.  Eye glows and sparks.  You could even go so far as to make it color change based on Lava Surge procs, if you really wanted to, (I don’t, cause its a lot more tweaking I don’t care to do).  I am always open to critique for changes.

I really hope Blizzard will eventually design an Earth-focused spec (probably tanking).  From the ideas I read on the shaman class forums, it could be an interesting change that could breathe life back into a dying class.

Elemental Blast Buffs

Sometimes lame things just have to be done, just so you can get it out of your system.  I’ve always been lazy to find out which random stat boost I get buffed with after casting Elemental Blast, so I made this colorful indicator for fun.  I realize that knowing which buff you get doesn’t really impact decision-making, except maybe HASTE for that extra tick of Riptide/HTT/HST.  Maybe it makes no difference at all.  The whole point is just aesthetics, really.  I didn’t really know which colors to choose for each stat.

EB resto


I also have one for non-Resto shammies.  I had SPIRIT in there because it just didn’t feel right not including it even though its guaranteed with the cast.  As for the colors, I dunno.  That’s what each stat felt like to me.

Here’s my logic for most of them:

INT>MANA>BLUE, SPIRIT=+MANA, so….blue it is.

HASTE>ENERGY>yellow>fast/sprintey dudes, so….yellow.

Maybe MULTI>multi-vitamins>vitamin C> Orange, I dunno

I got nothing for the other 2.

2 days well wasted. 


2 thoughts on “WA2 Workshop – Elemental 2.0 and Shaman-y stuff

  1. 新版的元素2.0 UI .并没有对应的TGA下载


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