Subtlety Rogue update


I get this sad impression that many of you don’t even bother reading the instructions sometimes.

Keeping it short.  Updated some shit. Made it purty.  Proceeding with this idea.  Have at it, you ninja rapists.

What do you keep in that bottle thing? Sneakiness



Initial one for comparison:


-Combo point idea-

This is an idea I was goofing off with.  Can’t remember what tier this is specifically but it was from the Siege of Orgrimmar raid.  I haven’t really worked out in my head how it would all function, since there are some funky layer interactions you can’t see happening in this picture.  But its better than just rectangles or blobs floating in the air.

Rogue - Subtlety


3 thoughts on “Subtlety Rogue update

  1. Hey Magic (not sure what to call you)

    Your work is awesome! i love the custom textures you have created.
    However, when I try and click your links to any of the .tga files, I get a page full of random garbage text.
    Could that be because I am using a mac? I would love to be able to use some of these icons, but I can’t view em!


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