Zone of the Enders|Anubis

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One thing I definitely wanted to do when I had more experience with Weak Auras and Photoshop was to recreate that metatron energy trail pulse in the Orbital frames.


 It nearly drove me insane getting all the timings and movement paths right.  Then there were problems with animations bleeding over to other spaces and movement speeds. I didn’t add any text yet because the outline looks really bad, but it was the only way to see numbers clearly. Too clearly. Ugh.  I was thinking of using Terminal-ldr as a number font.

I’m not really a fan of green so I chose the color scheme for Anubis, the most awesome orbital frame.  I know its not something a progression raider would use but its damn nice to look at.  And sometimes you just get sick of looking at the typical rectangular frame.

Phase 1 complete.  Maybe I’ll create one for Jehuty(green) and Ardjet(pink) some other day.

P.S. – sometimes I like to look at the page visitor stats.  I see South Korea a lot.  It’d be cool/scary if one day, North Korea popped up instead.  That would probably mean a lot of bad things though.


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