Patch Day


I forgot to mention, some times, when stuff changes like in a big content patch, the auras will also change.  That includes things like position, size, behavior and overall visibility.  So if you see something acting funky that wasn’t before patch day, let me know which string it is, please.  Have fun exploring.

P.S. – Mythic dungeons are no joke.  Seriously, the most fun I’ve had in a long time.


3 thoughts on “Patch Day

  1. Hey! Are there any chance of you creating a paladin Crest/UI with rather than the current one for the horde paladins? The original crest looks so alliance-ish.. :< I am not sure if I can do this stuff (adding blood crest instead of original) myself since I suck at weakauras or addons overall, if you can explain that it works too!


  2. I did them and it works quite awesome! Thank you so much

    I guess now I need to find a UI addon to make a fitting character + target frame


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