Sin'dorei crest and other stuff

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Someone brought up the concern that the Paladin crest was too “alliancey” and that is very true.  A request was made to use the Crest of Blood, and with a bit of Google’ing, I found this black version.  It seems to fit pretty well with the whole pally motif.  More than the blue/pink one would.  No flashy shit though, cause it was a quick hack job.  Maybe in the future we can add some fancy stuff.

Sindorei crest

Art files you will need:

Sindorei Crest.tga

Import String:

Bloodelf Crest

Another topic that was raised was the issue of the auras showing up over Blizzard UI panels like garrison missions.  This is one aspect of the addon that could really be improved in addition to group nesting.  It’s also not really something I can fix/avoid doing because its necessary to create the layered effects in the visuals.  There are a total of 9 strata

  1. Inherited
  2. Background
  3. Low
  4. Medium
  5. High
  6. Dialog
  7. Fullscreen
  8. Fullscreen_Dialog
  9. Tooltip

Most of the default Blizzard panels sit somewhere between #4-5. On average, I layer about 4 or more models, so it will almost always shows up over the default panels.  One solution would be to just stay below those specific strata, but then that would severely limit the number of models you can use.  Another temporary fix would be to have a “have target” trigger for the Crest group.  But that has its downsides, in that you will hardly see your procs and spells.  But if the hovering over default panels thing bothers you that much, this is the way to go.

The best fix would be to add different levels of strata i.e, Background 1-10 etc.  like what SUF unitframes has.  I don’t know there are any coders out there with lots of free time but that would be a lovely improvement.  The maintainers of Weak Auras are always willing to accept patches, if you do.

Some times this site goes weeks without anyone saying a word.  So when someone finally does, I’m extra hyped.  If you wonder about my response time, this is why.


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