Marksmanship – Sniper Training

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I got this email about a comment on the video about it being set to my hunter’s name and not knowing how to change it.  I removed that load condition from the string and updated it on pastebin.  When i tried to reply to said comment, there was no comment to reply to for some reason.  So where ever you are, phantom commentator, I fixed it.  Your comment also got cutoff so I don’t know if you have other problems but you can always ask here if something funky is going on with youtube.

Someone asked me for advice on how to make trackers for Sniper training related stuff for a Marksmanship hunter.  I misunderstood and just made everything instead.

Import string(s):

Hunter crest  – I had to change the misdirection animation to react to having Sniper training so if you are going to use this as Marksmanship and had the old one, import it again.

Sniper Training group – The ETA on sniper training is an icon and the buff after moving is just text but if you prefer one over the other, they are easily interchangeable.

Its a lot easier when people tell me the things they’d like to see instead of me making up shit on my own.


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