Combo Point tracker feedback


So I had an update to the Subtlety combo point tracker earlier in the day but then I took it all down because I forgot about Anticipation stacks.  I’m not at lvl 90 so I don’t have a way to test whether or not it will work right but it seems easy enough to add.  I just had one little concern and that was the color scheme.  I tried making the combo point textures black/white so you could maybe choose your own color in the WA2 config, but it does not look so good.  Changing the color affects the border around it and it looks terrible!

Bad CP

I might have to alter the colors in Photoshop instead.  So if you have a preference or suggestion for Anticipation stack texture colors, leave a message.  Otherwise, here is what it WILL look like with 5 stacks of Anticipation (much better than above method, quality-wise).

CP good


CP blood

I might also need to find a lvl 90+ Rogue to test things out, maybe.



5 thoughts on “Combo Point tracker feedback

  1. It’s nice colors. Maybe red or orange instead Blue, but it’s very good this!


  2. Red it’s better. Try red more dark, like blood.


  3. You can stand in your theme, and pick purple/smokydarkblue, or go darkred…
    Awesome job ! But as a lvl 100 rogue I would say that you don’t want your “Anticipation” points over your normal combo points. Some non-offensives finisher, “Recuperate” and “Slice & Dice”, doesnt trigger anticipation points, so you end with zero combo points and five anticipation points hiding that…
    Maybe you can fix that with a color fade : anticipation still overriding normal cp but alpha will still show normal combo points underneath. (gradient?)
    This way you can keep the actual form. 😮


    • Hm…interesting, I did not know that. Rogue combo points sounds like a terrible system then. I’ll have to think of something better.


      • Sadly, I dont have photoshop installed on this computer yet, so i can’t show you exactly how I would fix your problem.
        But it’s maybe simple this way : keep your system with overriding textures, just add a bit of transparency in the center of anticipation points and match it with the color of CP.
        This way you can try to make Anticipation Points highlight existing Combo Points or empty spot.
        It should allow us to see if we are rekt by slice & dice or not. 😀


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