Forms of the Warbound

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A friend and I were discussing what things we hoped would be added/changed in Legion for the classes we play.  This is mine.

Equipped weapons visible in ghostwolf form, Okami-style.

Okami Shaman

I couldn’t really decide on a definitive “Shaman” weapon setup, so I went with Tortos’ Discarded Shell and Haromm’s Frozen Crescent to compliment the awesome spiritwolf color scheme. I know the axe isn’t a shaman weapon, but I just made it one. Deal with it!

Back when they first announced that Shaman were getting new wolf models, I expected something like this, but *sigh* ….nope (original image courtesy of Lords of Shadow 2 – Konami).

Anyway, none of that glyph bullshit, cause this should be baseline.   I don’t think it would be too hard or complex to do.  It wouldn’t even be precedent for wolves with weapons held in their mounts.  Remember this guy?338562

  • MH/Shield = Main Hand in the mouth, Shield on the back.Sheath weapons
  • Dual wield Axes/maces that are sheathed at the hips in caster form show up strapped to ghost wolf shoulders.
  • If they are sheathed on the back, they’ll go on the wolf’s back  similar to a shield.
  • No fist weapons, cause they don’t show when you run around in caster form, so they shouldn’t as ghost wolf. Plus, wolves can’t make fists, silly.
  • Staves and 2H (wishful thinking) also go along the back.  If its too damn long, they magically shrink. the same way weapons do when gnomes pick anything up.

Spread it around on Twitter or reddit, I don’t have accounts for either.  Get it to someone that matters, like a Legion Dev! I stole for a greater purpose, you can too.  I give you my blessing to do so.  Let’s make this happen, my fellow shaman!


I would even forgive all terrible things they’ve done to the class for this.


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