Assassination 2.0 ideas



This comment cut me deep! I dunno why.

Well eat this! Just kidding. That’s how it is, you know?  When life catches up, there is less  and less time for games/goofing off.

Here is a half-assed bandage fix for the smokecloud being all fucked up at the moment.  Let’s not dwell on how it looks.  I just needed a segway for the next part(s).  Surprisingly, there is not a whole lot of poison-related models in WMV that fit the bill.  Maybe its just me, but every time I look at the class crest, it reminds me of like a Dr. Wiley stage from Mega Man 1-3.


The color change kicks in once you enchant your weapons with poison.  I currently only have it set to detect Deadly Poison ’cause…I don’t rogue so good.  I don’t even know/remember if rogues still use 2 poisons at once.  In retrospect, its probably also better if I sync the poison drips with poison enchants.


The next one shows what happens when said poison is applied to your current target.  I haven’t really tested how it would work out with fan of knives spreading.  Probably disastrous.  But I’ll deal with that when it comes.


Sometimes it feels like there is so much to update/fix, I just login and think “Fuck it, I’m just not going to do anything today,” and just play.

Its a hard choice between making these small update GIFs or one big  video.  I’d much prefer the latter but after the backlash of the shitty intro, I am not so inclined to do that again.  I had to do that because the lead in to the song didn’t sound right, okay??  And many of you would probably agree that it was an awesome song.

Also, I haven’t made any progress on the subtlety stuff because I didn’t feel like it.

I also wanted to get around to making a trailer for my channel but damn….so hard deciding all the specifics.


2 thoughts on “Assassination 2.0 ideas

  1. Hey man I know how you feel just quit making guild videos cause kept getting shit about it no one appreciated them. Your stuff is awesome really hope you keep doing them at your own pace!


  2. If you quit or not Bro its your decision but i just wanna say your work is incredible btw! Life is not only playing games etc. just make some little good things when you are bored we will still stay here 🙂


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