1 Year Anniversary!

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Wow. Has it really been a whole year already? Time sure does pass faster when I’m wasting it doing this stuff.

Revisited the boomkin stuff as a side effect of leveling my resto druid.  Granted I’m not playing at a hardcore raider level.  This works for me.  Some things may not work for you, but whatever. Make your own then.  Probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense if you don’t play balance.  It still didn’t, even when I was questing.

I promptly switched to feral anyway after I hit 100. MEOW.

We’ll throw this one back in for the hell of it.  I made it a while back then remembered I didn’t have Anticipation on my rogue yet and swiftly deleted it.  I have done little to no work to finish this *shame*.  A good chance Legion will fuck everything up anyway.  If anything, be entertained for 20 seconds or so.


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