New Home!


I moved the blog to a webhost. So its just this now –

It will still be relatively the same, except now I can do more cool stuff with the site.  Make it all snappy and what not.  See you guys around!

-I thought it was weird how some comments were still coming in from this old version of the blog.  It made me think I screwed up copying it over but apparently some of you stragglers late to the party are still using old links that are floating around.  I deleted all the pages that used to be here but they are still alive at the updated site.


2 thoughts on “New Home!

  1. Just wondering when the new stuff is going to come out. I am currently playing a fire mage and a demon hunter and would like to have the weakauras because i loved your product when i was playing the monk and a death knight. Thanks and keep up the good work


    • In an ideal world, I would just take a whole a weekend and do nothing but fix and update all the classes, but everyone has social obligations, man. And to honest there isn’t a whole lot of reward for me doing all this, so the motivation isn’t there these days.


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