Legion-inspired UI

I got the inspiration from Skoite here -> Legion UI??  It peaked my interest, so I thought I’d give it a try.  The rogue thing he did in the center looked like it didn’t fit so I used something that did.  I initially planned this elaborate time lapse video of every step from start to finish, but after the first 10 or so fuck ups, I was like,” Yeah, this video isn’t gonna happen.” I kept everything simple this time around. Not too much flashy stuff. I don’t really have any plans to make it fully functional.  As it is now, it only has semi-functional bars.

Long story short – I WON’T be putting the files up because it does not use standard bars.  Go steal it from the Legion website like I did.  Weak Auras does this funky squish thing with non-quadrilateral progress texture shapes that do not progress like a normal progress bar would, so any deficits values you think you see will almost always be inaccurate.  That’s a big no no in my book.  It will NOT make a reliable UI.  If there was some way to utilize the “bar” textures in a different unitframe addon, I’m thinking stuf, then maybe…it might work.  Don’t quote me on that, I’m not even sure if its just a problem on my end.  Like I’m making the bars wrong (likely).


I guess there is a possibility I might share the files and string since there is a light of hope that I have found.  Apparently its possible to fix the squish if I make the custom texture a bar texture instead (the one used with progress bars).  Its completely different from the custom progress texture.  Notice the difference in progress?  A progress bar is on the left, while a custom progress texture is on the right.  The left side is more accurate.

Legion test 1


The downside is, as you will notice, is that there is a pretty noticeable drop in quality using this method, which I would not prefer if possible.  I’ll have to tinker around some more with the process is see what’s up.


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