Lok'tar Ogar!

I didn’t think I could make a Horde version that was as awesome as the Argonaut one, but I was wrong.  It’s amazing how the music can change the entire feel of the video when everything else stayed the same.  Goddamn does this make me wish I was Horde.  While the Alliance one gave off a very heroic vibe to it, I wanted to do something different with the Horde one.  The Alliance are all about justice and honor.  The Horde are all about strength, battle and glory, because they’re the anti-heroes that you just love to hate.  This song is dope, but in an entirely different way from “Heroic Desire.”  Feels very intimidating.  I thought it fit quite well.

I’d love to hear your opinions on stuff like this.  What song would you use? What classes? In what setting?  Its so fun


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