Eclipse bar 2.0 update

The updated version of the Eclipse bar is up, so play with it while you can.  It’s going to be gone come Legion, or so I’ve heard.

While I was moving stuff around, I came to realize just how awful my file organization system is. I really should optimize it one day instead of just throwing everything into one folder.  But its easier for me, and maybe you.  It would be nice if dropbox would let you download whole folders.  Or maybe there’s a way and I’m too dumb to know how to do it.


I really should also consider switching to using BLPs.  Its a significantly smaller file size than the TGAs but they do not work with the Flaming Pear method to make alpha channels.  I could just suck it up and make them myself, but I hate it so.  Besides, in this day and age, storage isn’t really that big of an issue.

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