Frost Mage & Being cheap!

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*UPDATE* – I have discovered Firebug! This site may have a chance after all.
*UPDATE2* – I am getting the hang of this. Its looking better already. I am appalled at the lack of class artwork though.

I guess you can still mess with your UI using trial accounts!  The downside to taking breaks is once you come back, you forget where you dropped everything.  I had to read my own guide on my blog to remember how to make textures.  Good stuff.  I was sitting here scratching my head wondering why my mage crest wasn’t getting an alpha channel right.  Turns out it was because of something I did months ago but no one wants to hear about that.

So Frost mages…I was hoping by now someone would make something so I wouldn’t have to.  One of the biggest hurdles I had finding motivation was that the theme is so obvious that anyone with basic WA knowledge could do it.  Throw in some ice – yep that’s Frost mage!  Sprinkle in some blue sparkles – mmhh thats Frost mage too!

I had this theme all set up a while back but at the time the crest wasn’t done/made yet. But it is now so here we go.  You might like it.  You might hate it.  You might think it looks kinda close to a Frost DK.  I think that it fits together quite nicely in the end.  I’m not even going to start on spell animations.  Mages have so damn many and like each spell is composed of 3-5+ separate models….ugh. I should start some community-updated database. I miss chatting with people.


Frost mage 1


Going to start tinkering with the stop-motion stuff so we can get the crest elements to freeze in real time when you switch into Frost spec.  Something like this maybe. Exciting! (5 second GIF, though it seems slower).




I need to get a bigger hard drive.  I also need the mentoring of a CSS/web designer.  So many things I’d like to do on this site.  To be continued…



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