Combining both elements and you get this!  Check out my lowly lvl 1 mage.  I can easily tweak this to trigger when switching into frost.  Though I can’t right now cause I don’t want to level to 15 or whatever level you need for dual spec.  Its a little choppy cause I no make GIFs good.  Also keep in mind, the timing/speed can be tweaked by changing the framerate in WA settings.  Its not the best use of the stop motion but you know, baby steps.



2 thoughts on “Presto!

  1. Are you still making/supporting these class crests? I’m wanting to revamp my UI and I would love to be able to incorporate the class crest for every class in my UI suite. I main a Mage and DK and you’re the only one I’ve seen that utilizes them in WAs.


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