The Bloodmoon – Risen from the ashes!


-UPDATE- Silly me, not allowing people to comment.  Or maybe I subconsciously did that so I wouldn’t see how few people visit. Who knows…?

So I remembered to save a plenty this time.  I think I’m actually happier with how it turned out the second time around.  I couldn’t reproduce the colors of the first one that well anyway.  I was trying to going for this kitty scratch post bleed effect which causes the moon to turn blood red.  I guess its alright…Bears scratch too, don’t they??

One of the most infuriating things I’ve been experiencing lately is googling some images to use and seeing Shutterstock branded on it. Goddamn it.  Fuck those guys.  Anyway…nothing is set in stone as far as aesthetics go.  I wanted to add some blood spatter but you know, the whole Shutterstock BS.  I’ll update it in-game some time later with the previous models.  Now that I have a bit more experience, some of the more boring crests might get tweaked.  What I really want to do though are some class-themed target frames.  A little over my head without some artistic skill.  If anyone wants to collaborate though, I’m totally down to.  You could take my napkin doodles and make them a reality.  Teamwork makes the dream work!



On a different note, I saw the UI for Gundam Breakers 3.  It mostly had circular progress bars and looked amazing, in terms of looks and gameplay (if you’re into mechs and shit, which I am).  I might try to do something like that for Legion.  It might work well with the action camera. Totally doable.



4 thoughts on “The Bloodmoon – Risen from the ashes!

  1. Hey! Whatever happened to that sick Rogue Icon with included combo point tracker 😦
    lol anyway nice to see you back sir!


    • Its exactly where I left off. It works for the most part, but I still haven’t thought of a way to show Anticipation points. After seeing it again, I’m seeing stuff that needs fixing. Any thoughts on Anticipation?

      -EDIT- You know what? Just talking about it gave me an idea. But I’d still like to hear other opinions.


      • I think just a second highlight of a brighter color over the initial 5 combo points would do the trick


  2. Please release the feral druid version! You are the GREATEST!!!!! I LOVE your style.


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