After Effects Wizards


Maybe enabling comments was not such a good idea.  I’m noticeably getting more spam comments.  At least I think they are since most of them are from the Soundtracks section, which is peculiar.  If you posted recently and it was legitimate, I am sorry, but you talk like a robot so I deleted it.  At least the blog is starting to look like where I want it to be.  I think its pretty good for someone just stumbling blindly in the dark about CSS and HTML.  I also added random music to some class pages because I can.  If this upsets you, there is a little play/pause button in the top right corner to stop it.

So many little projects going on! I’m making slow progress on the Gundam Breakers thing. I’m not that versed when it comes to fonts so I have no idea what fonts could be used as alternatives.

Gundam Breakers 3 UI


I’ve also made this custom bar texture from Mighty No. 9 (even though the launch was not so good).  I liked it and might recreate the whole UI, for shits and giggles.



Behold! This is what I intend to use as a mana bar and it’ll shoot off magic blue jizz when casting.  It’s gonna be ORGASMIC.  I know the texture pulsing is not going to work for stop motion, but thats okay.  What’s that??More particles, you say?? You got it.


I also made this lame ass EKG thing that needs serious improvement.  My intention was to make like 3 different ones based on your hp threshold.  If anyone knows how to make the outer rim’s glow kinda trail and light up instead, please teach me.  I bet if I mash all these things together, it’ll still make a decent looking something.


2 thoughts on “After Effects Wizards

  1. I’d be really interested to see if that animated mana sparkler can be depleted as an animated aura. I thought stop motions were really basic auras just for flare. Did you find some tricks to get it to do progression?


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