Silent tears

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My hard drive that had 800gb of videos, music, documents, and pictures died. I want to just sit in the corner and cry…At least my SSD with the OS and WoW is okay.


After having the whole day to pout about it, I am over it. Time to start over and learn to back up my shit. Since this was a self-inflicted fuck up, I have no one to blame but myself.  See those burn marks? Bye bye, motor controller.  If anyone works in data recovery or PCB repair and can hook a brother up, lemme know.  I could order a replacement U1 chip whose shipping costs 16x more than the product, but no.  I could also order a new PCB board and swap out the U12 BIOS chip from the old one onto the new board to fix it, IF there is no preamplifier damage and I could solder it on well (which I can’t).  One day maybe.

Learn from this cautionary tale – back up your WTF folder, back up your important files and do it regularly. A $60 storage drive is way less costly than something like $300 data recovery.  I will miss my porn and music.  This might be a good reason to just quit playing all together.



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