Just like I expected, the patch really messed things up.  Spell models shifted out of place or magnified/shrunk.  Shaman abilities pruned to the point where I don’t even want to play a shaman anymore.  C’mon, no shields, no shocks, still no target-castable defensive CDs?  GrRr…this expansion getting off to a disappointing start.

If you want to contribute to fixing spell auras or other shit, message me.  They are still the same more or less, but the spell settings just need to be tweaked, which is very easy.  Even a child can do it.  Or I can teach you.  Otherwise me doing it all by myself for 11 classes x 3 specs still take forever. Especially since I won’t be playing that much anymore.


TLDR; The UI’s are fucked up until I/you fix them.

Specs that I have sort of repaired:

  • Restoration Shaman
  • Enhancement – going to remove the maelstrom lightning because its too difficult to control where it “strikes”.  That is a recurring problem with really big model sizes. You can see the cutoff lines badly and it looks really bad.
  • Affliction Lock – It won’t look exactly the same, but you can’t help that when changing things around
  • generic Hunter (LOL) – like there was anything much to fix anyway.
  • Paladin UI- haven’t fixed the spells
  • Assassination Rogue- no spells
  • Mistweaver – for the most part.  Haven’t decided if I want to keep the renewing mist tracker since its not so important.

Going to be changing how you guys download the art.  It won’t be individual files anymore, just one folder you can just drop over your interface folder for the specific class/spec.


9 thoughts on “Rekt

  1. I’d be willing to contribute to Pally UI updates (prot/ret). I’ve been in the process of reconstruct things after pre-patch as well. I had to track down your site again to look for the original imports I started with (thanks for all your awesome work btw).


  2. Is there any way to help you on reconstructing rogue UI’s?

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    • Do you know how to use Weak Auras 2? Specifically, changing the 3D model settings and moving them around and such?


      • I’m no professional in WA2, however, but I guess I can say I am somewhat familiar with editing them in terms of 3D model and settings. I have been playing around with your UI for an half an year, editing them with my personal preference.


      • Well, if you are up to it, all there is to do really is just resize and re-position all the original spells so they look like before. Nothing too complicated. Unless some stuff doesn’t work anymore because of patch changes.


  3. Yeah, I dicked around with some of the pally stuff to get that to work. Thanks for everything btw. I know your frost mage is WIP but do you have all the snow/frost effects someplace to DL? I would love to slap them on my DK because i think they look great.


    • With the removal of stances, the Deathknight ones are importable now if that was your main reason for choosing the mage one instead. I just haven’t gotten around to updating the page, but if you still have a strong preference for the mage version, I’ll put it up when I can.


      • being able to import DK without the add on would be amazing. I will keep an eye out for updates to that page. I just really like the frost Mage animations I think it would go well with remorseless winter and stuff like that.


  4. I’ve done that on different screens and your UI has been restored once

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