At this point, the updates are just for my personal enjoyment now.  The craze seems to have died down. No one is bothering me with questions anymore, so I guess I’ll just go at my own pace. Anyhow, I didn’t like the state that I left blood in, so I made it a little more busy.


5 thoughts on “Meh….

  1. Hey man, I recently found your stuff and I really like it! Keep up the good stuff.


  2. Yeah everything here is great. It would be nice to see some of the other stuff from you old site make it over. LIke monk and stuff. The work you were doing on ice mage was pretty awesome.


    • Its all still on the blog, you just can’t see the links because most of them are still messed up from the patch. I’ve just been dragging my ass on fixing them. I feel like I don’t know what certain specs are about anymore.

      I agree, the frost mage thing was good but its a pain in the ass working with the stop motion feature. I lost it when my harddrive died, so been lazy to attempt it again.


  3. Gotcha. Well I really liked your monk ones. I feel like i have bugging you about these a lot, do you have paypal or something?


    • I don’t really mind. Its nice that someone still likes them.

      I wouldn’t take people’s money because then I’d owe it to them to make something on a regular basis. That’s how it would feel, anyway.

      As for the monk stuff, I know that mistweaver should be good to go. I haven’t looked at the other specs in a long time. I’ll fiddle with them over the holiday break though.


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