Slooow Down!


So Mistweavers have gone through a significant amount of changes since I last touched the set.  No more chi power, so that means no more of the kanji either.  Or does it?  I’ve gone through and fixed everything so that it should work the way it did in the past.  Strings and stuff are up on the mistweaver page.



I also wanted to try something new and move away from my shameful mistake of using the Diablo 3 Monk’s crest.  What do you think? Still pretty cool, right?  Good thing I started leveling my mistweaver monk.  Its based off the Mistweaver artifact of ShaoHao’s Staff. Not sure if the transmog is released yet (update – apparently it is).  It still has some kinks to work out though.



2 thoughts on “Slooow Down!

  1. Love it much better than the old one. Look forward to the final. Do you have windwalker saved anyway? Lvling my monk now too.


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