If you(me) want to use normal textures as progress bars that go top to bottom, you need to rotate it 90 degrees clockwise (can’t do that in WA2), because the default is right to left.



Wanted to have something that matched Glyph of Stars, now I do.  In-game its closer to translucent blue-ish.  The black background is making it look more opaque than it should. I lifted the runey things from Elisande textures. They represent the buffs to your DPS spells when boomkins hadouken people. Having to look up at my buffs to see it always bothered me.  It goes a lot better with the Balance druid theme I had going before.

Glowey orbs are the number of New Moon charges.

The crescent also changes color depending on which phase of New Moon you are on. Still a work in progress. Its kind of hard to find a way to represent a full and half moon.


I also slapped together this Shal’dorei looking thing because, why not? It might be a bit too much though.  We can put it under “Optional” for now.

4 thoughts on “Ghostykin

  1. this is so amazing!!


  2. You dropbox link for Boomkin’s Art Folder is 404 :/ Could you update so I can download it ? Thanks again ! Amazing job


  3. Watch your updates every day. Learn their production ideas from video


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