04/2020 – If you guys are still coming here for some kind of fix for all your broken auras, you’ll only find disappointment. I might pick it up again for Shadowlands, but I am going to sidestep all this corruption nonsense for now.


Slight update – with recent updates, the stuttering seems to have disappeared completely.  This is a very pleasant development.

Found a somewhat workable method to make spritesheets, and this was the first thing in line.  Maintaining acceptable levels of quality means the resulting spritesheet is massive. Something the game doesn’t seem to like, so it would cause a significant stutter whenever the stopmotion was triggered.  Infus converted it to BLP for me and said triggering was almost instant.  And for the most part its true, although there’s slight lag if you trigger it while on the move.  Not sure if that is just my own stopmotions that suffer from it or if its a common issue.  I doubt others even bother to make more complex things than textures that grow bigger or smaller.  I asked Infus about optimal settings and what not, but not even he is sure what those are.  Guess its just trial and error from here on out.  Or just stick to really really basic stopmotions.

I changed up the colors in comparison to the first version and it worked out in the end.  It matches with the Skyshatter tier, I think.

Play with the BLP here

wago.io link

**For those Do-It-Yourselfers -Settings have to be at 8 rows x 11 columns @ 101 frame count set to loop animation mode. Its currently not set to trigger with anything, so work that out yourself.

3 thoughts on “

  1. wow just wow…


  2. Heey I love your work
    and i found some old tga stuff from you!!


  3. Will you see? I hope to have more communication with you. Your work will become asymmetrical on different sizes of screens. I will try to fix these problems


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