Balance Druid


I haven’t looked into finding suitable art for boomkin form since I made this a year ago, so if anyone finds something worth mentioning, pass it along.

Art Files you will need:

  1. Druid_class_icon.tga
  2. NE_cat_form.tga
  3. tauren_cat_form.tga
  4. Guardian_druid.tga

It should all go in the interface\addons\Custom UI folder

Eclipse Power Bar


Just understand that this was just a test to myself to see if I could make this happen.  So if something looks sloppy or half-assed….well….. I apologize.  I am not gifted with artistic drawing skills.  I’m more of a music-playing singer kind of guy.

Art Files you will need:

Everything in the Eclipse Power Bar folder. Just copy all 5 files here –  interface\addons\Custom UI\Eclipse Power Bar

  1. Eclipsebarwood.tga
  2. Eclipsebarwoodvoid.tga
  3. EclipseFillwhite.tga
  4. Lunar.tga
  5. Solar.tga

Other Stuff:

  • IMAGINE font –   You don’t really NEED it, but its just what I happened to use.  If you don’t have it, Weak Auras will just replace it with the default font.


Import string(s):

Balance Druid

Eclipse Power Bar

Eclipse Power Bar – Default Font

Spell Animations – Shared across all specs so you only need to import this once.  Also some spells might be missing since I don’t play a Druid that much.

Druid Starfall (not yet, need to fix) – I briefly showed this in the 3rd showcase but I’m still working out the kinks, so don’t be so judgmental. I believe Sunfall is a thing now too, so that might be coming, if I feel like it.



6 thoughts on “Balance Druid

  1. Im missing a Tracker for the Charges of
    # Lunar Empowerment (x2)
    # Solar Empowerment (x3)

    My suggestions is add like a bottom line Above the Crest with a 3x (solar) Star-“Suns”
    and another 2x Blue Moons-like Effect between(above) the Solar Tracks for the Empowerment

    Somrthing like:

    – Thanks!… Currently having issues seeing if i need to use Starsurge for my Empowers or Not.


  2. could you share your eclipse folder?? it dosnt work for me is it the old eclipse bar addon??


    • Its exactly the same as the old one, so whatever I have on the site is what I have in my folder as well. The only thing I changed was adding the 2 crest color changes and the empowerment charges, which is all handled by the string.

      BTW did you post this on my old blog or the newer one? My comments thing is all wonky.


  3. Isn’t working for me, show a milion numbers of error D: Did you ever made any tutorial to import this?


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