Brewmaster Monk



Art files you will need:

interfaceaddonsCustom UI

  1. Monk_class_icon.tga

interfaceaddonsCustom UIMonk runes

  1. monk19.tga
  2. monk23.tga
  3. monk8.tga
  4. monk29.tga
  5. monk5.tga

If you don’t like the runes I have chosen, fuck you.  Go pick your own HERE and swap out the pathfiles for each one you are replacing.

Import string(s):

Brewmaster Monk

Spell Animations – These are exactly the same for all specs, so you only have to import this once



5 thoughts on “Brewmaster Monk

  1. Hello for some reason my chi, and expel harm animations pop up as green boxes? Am i doing somthing wrong?


    • Either you saved the textures for chi in the wrong location, or I didn’t fix the string to look for the right ones. Double check that the textures are saved in your WorldofWarcraft/interface/addons/Custom UI/Monk runes folder. If they are and it still doesn’t work, re-import this updated string I just switched out.


  2. I am seeing green boxes for chi. Also, everything is unaligned. Is this done by hand


    • Green boxes means you did not put the tgas where the string is looking for them. Or the tgas I put aren’t the ones in the string. Let’s both double check and be sure.

      I made these on 1920×1080 resolution, so if you play on something much higher or lower, things will move out of place because of UI scaling.


      • Ah its the Resolution. Thanks for that! I fixed the green boxes issues as I found that i needed some more things :p. Thank you!


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