Deathknight (universal)

Some big changes have happened.  No more stances, so that means switching to individual spec triggers.  That also means importable strings since the massive amount of settings are gone.  I am not going to include the rune borders like I’ve said before since people don’t care either way.  I’ll update with some GIFS later on but for now there are just the strings.  Spell behaviors have changed again, so that means some of the looks have also changed.  I had to remove the soul drain from Unholy because it looks funny now.


Art Files:

Deathknight UI


Import String:

Blood Spec

Frost Spec

Unholy Spec



27 thoughts on “Deathknight (universal)

  1. Hi, I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this but I was curious about support for me being too stupid to correctly use this UI. I followed all the steps but I can’t seem to get the .tga files to work, since all of the icons look like green squares. Anyway, i love the auras and the work you do. Thanks in advance!


    • Green squares indicates that Weak Auras cannot find the art files in the location that its looking for. In your interface>addons folder, you should have copied/pasted the Custom UI folder which contains 6 DK tgas and a folder with the smaller runes. If you copied the files somewhere else, you just have to change the filepath to where you put them, but I don’t recommend this since there are way too many directories you would need to change.


  2. Hey, me again, this time DK issues. I’ve followed the steps to get the DK crest in, but nothing seems to change at all. Am I being dumb?


    • You don’t see anything? Not even green squares? If so, that tells me you are not putting the Saved Variables folder in the right place because WeakAuras is not even looking for it.

      It should go here World of WarcraftWTFAccountYOURACCOUNTNAMESavedVariables <—You should be overwriting this last folder with mine. Like always, make sure to backup your original stuff in case things go wrong.

      There are many instances of this same folder. One in the Account folder and another in each character folder. Those aren't the right ones, so avoid those.


  3. hi, i really like the stuff you made, but i don’t know how to set it up, if you can leave a string (not the rune string, the present change) for me that will be amazing. Thank you


  4. Is there any way to import this without overriding my current Weak Auras + SavedVariables? I love your auras mate, I really wish I had the brain to do this kind of stuff myself, looks beautiful.


    • In a sense, no. First back up your own WTF folder in case. Unless you have a ridiculous amount of auras like I have, you can just export all your current auras as strings and paste them into something like a word document or on pastebin like I do. Then after you copy over the DK stuff, just re-import your own stuff. It might be a pain but that is the only way around overwriting your own and losing them.

      Or if you have a really good friend that also uses Weak Auras 2, have him copy all your auras, then share it in-game after the DK stuff. It’s like linking items except instead it imports when you click the link.


  5. Amazing work, any plans to incorporate Soul-Reaper functionality into it for a spell effect? maybe even let a user know when its available based on spec?

    (not a programmer just wanted to acknowledge your skill)


    • It really depends on what you want since this spell has a lot of components to it. Do you want an aura when its useable, when its cast on your target, when you have the haste buff, when your target dies from it?

      Also I don’t have a DK high enough to use this talent, so I don’t really know what it looks like visually. Unless the models are actually named soulreaper, I might have a hard time finding it.


  6. Hi,I’m playing at 6.2.3. So, I does not appear the crest at all. I just make some stuff different,like not installing that version of WeakAuras bc I have a more recent version. Other than that,I made everything as you said. A little help would do great.


    • All of the classes are messed up since patch day. I have not fixed all of them yet. It is not because of different Weak Auras 2 versions.


      • That’s ok, I managed to put some of the crests to the game and it does not look as cool as yours but that’s something. It was difficult cause I play in spanish so the spells don’t always work u.u Keep doing great bro, I will be waiting for the rest of your crests 🙂


      • You could always try and use spellID instead. Might be easier than trying to translate the spell to spanish.


  7. I’m now playing at a 5.4.8. I did everything as you said and still don’t see the crest. Strangely,I DO see one of the runes. Any help?


    • Just wait a few days, it will be much simpler to get it to work then.

      If you want a more specific answer, it was because everything was set to show when in a specific presence/stance. Deathknight stances do not exist anymore since 7.0 patch which is why you dont see anything.


      • Hi, Dan! I just wanted to say I’m a huge fan of your work. It’s truly superb. Your work with weak auras is greatly under appreciated. I do hope that you can find the time to fix the DK setup and get it up and running again.


      • I updated the blog with a quick fix for DK but it won’t have the rune borders. Let me know if there are stuff that needs fixing.


      • You’re basically awesome. Thanks for taking the time.


  8. Hi. I just imported the frost DK string and my FPS drops a ton and the boxes are big white blocks. Many of the snowy animations are also cut off and seem to be stuck in the lower left corner.

    Been using your pally one for a long time and love it.


  9. Works great now, thank you.


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