Demonology Warlock

There wasn’t a third moving eyeball model that fit the Demonology theme, so whatever – recycle!  It’s good for the planet.  At the time, I had an okay functioning Hand of Gul’dan charge trackers, but set bonuses fucked that shit up.  



Art files you will need:

  1. Warlock_crest_clear2.tga
  2. Warlock_icon_demonology.tga

Alternative Purple color scheme included but not enabled:

Warlock_crest_POptional stuff:

It’s kinda weird and feels out of place.  I wouldn’t blame you for not using it.  I just made it for lulz.

Metamorphosis form thing:


  1.  Metamorphosis_Crest.tga

Also comes in green:

  1. Metamorphosis_crest_green_.tga


Import string(s):

Demonology Warlock

Warlock Metamorphosis (optional)

Warlocks had a shitload of spells, so they are broken up into 2 groups:

Spell Animations 1

Spell Animations 2


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