Destruction Warlock

I really liked how Destro turned out.  Especially with the re-color for Fel fire.  I wish I did more with the embers though.  I just copied the moving eye thing from Affliction but with a different eyeball.  Strangely enough, the normal orange versions of these spells were a lot harder to find.  So if you are expecting one for your non-Fel fire lock, tough shit.  Better farm for that tome and do the quest, bro.

Early on, a friend asked me to make something based on the seal that appears on the doors during the Fel fire quest in Black Temple.  The thing he was talking about was Jubeka’s mark.  i tried, but it did not work out.  It didn’t feel wholesome enough for me, if that makes any sense.




Art files you will need:

  1. Warlock_crest_clear2.tga

Alternative Green Fire (Fel) version – This is enabled by default, but the top one is included, only set  to never load.  You can switch to whichever one you prefer.Warlock_class_icon_fel

  1. Warlock_class_icon_fel.tga


Import string(s):

Destruction Warlock

Warlocks had a shitload of spells, so they are broken up into 2 groups:

Spell Animations 1

Spell Animations 2


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