5 stacks of Evangelism


It’s important to consider that, yes, it would be hard to know purely from the visuals how many stacks of Evangelism you have.  I personally do not rely on this but on audio cues.  If you saw it being featured in showcase #1, there are 2 sound effects for this mechanic –  one for stacks #1-4 and one for the final fifth stacks.  Shimmy on over to the soundbank to check those out.  I think I labeled them obviously enough.

Art files you will need:

  1. Priest_class_icon




Import string(s):

Discipline Priest

Sigil Holy Auras – Priest

Priest Spell Animations


2 thoughts on “Discipline

  1. please give a new link.,allow the use of weakaura ..(_ _)ㄱ


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