Elemental Shaman

I didn’t want to go with typically obvious features like the obligatory lightning.  It’s hard to narrow down which elements actually represent this spec. Not water or wind.  Earth? Hm….a little bit but not represented well in the spells.  Lightning? Too obvious and overdone.  I’ve been hit with enough Lava Bursts to know, yep, that’s an Elemental shaman.


Art files you will need:

  1. Elemental crest (clear).tga
  2. Shaman_class_icon.tga

Import string(s):

Elemental UI 2.0 

Spell Animations


7 thoughts on “Elemental Shaman

  1. Any eta on this WA? Can’t wait to use it!


  2. It works perfect! Let me know if you add any spell effects for ele or if you add some stuff for resto. Would love both! Thanks!


  3. So i installed it, and if i enter a fight, the “images” appear, but there seems no interaction at all. it all stays the same no matter what i do (stack 20 lightning shield buffs, use or get lavaburst stacks etc). so basically i have a pretty image in the lower half of my ui 😀


    • I don’t spec Elemental enough to know what things are important to track. Anyway, it originally had a lightning shield tracker back when it only went up to 7, then 15. Once it hit 20, I just decided to scrap it because 20 of anything in a design element is ridiculous. As for things like lava burst, the emphasis for animations was during casting and damage impact. I never accounted for instant cast things. I also kept track of lava surge procs in an icon. So its definitely something that still needs work.


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