Feral Druid

Comes in two limited flavors.  Unless you can provide me with alternative racial cat form art, this is it.  Bleeding and scratches.  MEOW!


I had a red version of the crest, which I lost while copying stuff over, so I might re-make it someday.  Maybe…

Art Files you will need:

  1. Druid_crest.tga
  2. Feral_combo.tga (Lords of Shadow folder)
  3. crestred  1  2  3  4  5.tga (Lords of Shadow folder)
  4. NE_cat_form.tga
  5. Bear_form.tga  – its not the best looking bear form

Art files from #2 and #3 need to go here:

interaceaddonsCustom UILords of Shadow 


Import string(s):

Feral Druid

Combo Points

Spell Animations – Shared across all specs, so you only need to import this once.


3 thoughts on “Feral Druid

  1. My main is a feral im excited to make my ui like this!!

    Excellent work man!! Keep it up!!!!!


  2. Will this never be available again :c


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