Hunter (generic)

Not  even going to bother with saying anything relevant. You can do it yourself.



Art files you will need:

  1. Hunter_class_icon.tga


9 thoughts on “Hunter (generic)

  1. Hi I’ve been enjoying a lot your WeakAuras, they are beautiful and I like them really much. However, I’d like some help to customize the Hunter UI, I’d like a marker to track the Sniper Training buff. In case you don’t know, it’s the MM Hunter mastery which requirente you to stand still for 3 seconds to get the buff for as long as you stand still and 6 seconds afterwards. I’d really like to set up a WA to track if I have it or not and how long I should wait to get it or when it expires. If you could help me a bit on that it’d be awesome. I also would like to know how to make better effects since I made a WA to track Living Bomb on my Mage, but it looks not really well, since it’s just a progress texture and I don’t know how to make it better. Any tips for a noob?


    • I don’t know how you would want it to look or if you already have a certain setup but this is how I would do it if I played Hunter.

      Its pretty easy to track those things if you know WA2 basics. I’m a bit busy now but I’ll share the import strings a little later today if you still don’t know how to do it.

      As for mage, I also do not play one so I’m not quite familiar with its playstyle. What are you tracking exactly? Its duration on target(s)? Its cooldown time?


      • OMG Thanks a lot, I didn’t want to ask you to do the whole thing, just some tips on how to do it on my own, but holy god, that looks awesome! As for the mage thing, I have just set up a progress texture that tracks Living Bomb duration on current target, though I’d like to track multiple targets, I’m not sure that can be acomplished realistically, so this is what I did for the Mage, I’m sure much can be improved on, so maybe you could share some tips with me? >_<


      • I put the marksmanship strings in the most recent post. As for the Mage living bomb thing, I don’t think there is an elegant way to track a multi-target dot using 3D models. Something like that is best suited for progress bars or icons. So that’s something I wouldn’t try to do.

        I looked at your stuff and I don’t know if you seen the boomkin crest but I would do something like the Starfall charges for Ice flow charges. Instead of have a progress bar+texture for each, I would just use a model that only shows when a charge is ready with a recharge timer in the middle of the crest somewhere. I usually try to find something relevant in the crest to use as part of the UI, so 3 charges of Ice flows, maybe use those 3 crystal thingies in the crest. There’s actually six but whatever, just a suggestion.

        And I tried to fix Ice Barrier so it looks less blinky:


        I don’t have a lvl 100 mage, so I can’t mess with spells and stuff so this is about as much input I can have. I do not know what abilities mages need to track and all that.


  2. Hi! I’m looking for a new UI and I think this is perfect since I want it to be minimalistic and efficient. As a BM Hunter all it would really need is to track the Beastial Wrath buff on me and the Beast Cleave buff on my pet (

    For the BW buff you could just use the red eyes of the stag. Instead of them pulsating as they do in the example above they could be dim by default and then bright during the duration of the buff or go from dim by default to pulsating during the buff.

    Also for hunters of all specs tracking the new talent Steady Focus would be ideal too. Everytime we steadyshot twice in a row we receive a buff for 10 seconds.

    Thanks! Keep up the awesome work!

    EDIT: I’m not sure if these would be 100% effective due to them requiring a timer of some kind but I’d certainly use it and then add my own timer bars, just have this addon for the visual aspect.


  3. art files is broken man, u can fiz plz?


  4. Is there no import strings for hunter atm? Or am i missing them? I simply want the class crest and the eyes to glow .. i tryed importing it as just a texture but yeaah.. i might have my path wrong.


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