Legion-inspired UI

I don’t really have any plans to do anymore than what it already is.  If you want unitframe functions like Leave Group and Inspect and all that stuff, some people have recommended using another unitframe such as Stuf which can set corresponding frames to 0% opacity.  Then you can just overlay it somewhere over the frame so you get those right-click options.


Okay, so now you have two choices.

A) You can either choose to implement this using the Progress bar method which involved making my own custom bar texture and importing it using SharedMedia & SharedMedia_MyMedia which you will also need [these two go in your interface folder] – SharedMedia.zip.

B) You can use the Progress Texture instead but you will have to do some custom code to get it to progress at the correct rate as shown in Infus’ clip here.  And I doubt many of you understand the inner workings of lua coding or WoW’s API, but if you do, this is the way to go.

By default I have the progress bar method enabled cause I don’t know or understand wtf he said or how he gets those values in the video.  Also you would have to change the coding every time you want it to track something else like health, power, a buff, etc. Pain in the ass.

You will have to change the settings to reflect how you like your frames shown like Player HP vs Target HP   or   Target HP vs TargetofTarget, whatever. There’s also a skinnier version of the bars but I am not going to spoil you guys by giving you everything.  Have at it.


Art File(s)

  1. Legion – center (clear).tga
  2. Legion – center.tga
  3. Legion – hp bar (clear).tga
  4. Legion – hp bar (null).tga
  5. Legion – hp bar.tga
  6. Legion – hp shell.tga




Import String(s)

Legion UI

Legion visual effects