Lords of Shadow 2 UI

Made this while I was first learning how to use Weak Auras 2.  It was a very fun and enlightening experience.  Turned out pretty good for a guy who didn’t know shit about Photoshop.  Hell I didn’t even use PS but some online knockoff version for poor people.

Going to simplify everything and just cram it all in a .rar.  It’s quite large because it has a lot of files, so if you have slow internet or something, deal with it.

Lords of Shadow stuff

Everything for this particular UI goes here – interface/addons/Custom UI/Lords of Shadow

HP bar:

Import String
LoS2HP Bar

Void Sword


Import String
LoS2 Mana bar



Its currently set to track mana, so you will need to change it accordingly to whatever you want.

Chaos Gauntlet


Import String

LoS2 Extra Bar


Same deal as the above, its set to mana, so change it to whatever.

Combat Focus bar


Import String

LoS2 Combat Focus Bar

The cast time tracker is set for certain Shaman spells, so you need to change that as well.

Dragon Crest


Import String
LoS2 Dragon Crest

These also come in blue and yellow.  The string requires all 3 sets of colors but you can delete them later if you want.  Or if you know your shit, just import the ones you like, and delete the remnants from the aura group.


4 thoughts on “Lords of Shadow 2 UI

  1. I do not know where to leave. I write to this post.
    Lords of Shadow 2 While browsing through multiple sites, I liked the UI so much that it came to this site, but the image file was not available for download after the period of use. If possible, can you share the file?


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