Mage (incomplete)

If you want something to be made, make a list of stuff that needs to be tracked or be aware of.  Be specific, like with # of charges and how it works maybe.

Just leaving this here for someone.




One thought on “Mage (incomplete)

  1. The most important things for a fire mage to keep track of:

    Phoenix Flames 3 Charges
    Fire Blast – 2 Charges
    Flame On – Restores 2 Fireblast, 45 sec CD
    Combustion – 2 Min CD
    Heating up into Hot Streak – Currently as a built in aura, but could/should be moved to the mage class icon. Activates on critical hits.

    A cool thing to keep track of would be pyretic Incantation. Increases damage of crits by 5% each stack, stacks 5 times and increases with each critical hit.


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