Monk Rune Chart

I am going to fix a mistake that never should have happened which is the numbering of the monk runes used for chi.  Initially it was just a test phase like everything else and I numbered the runes in this arbitrary retarded order that only I would describe as sensible.  So now I am going to remedy that by renaming them all in the order that they appear here on this handy chart I made and will proceed to alter all the strings to reflect this.  It should not affect the auras in any major way except . . . maybe if you are someone that imported the strings before I made this change, then all your rune numbers will be mismatched.  That in itself should not be such a big problem either, just re-import the aura, unless you went nuts and downloaded all 29 runes.  Then you, sir or madam, have a terrible future ahead of you.  You get to delete them, then download them all over again! Or you can tell me to fuck off and set your own runes . . .that’s cool too.  It’s so nice that I am super considerate of others.

Monk Rune Chart

I can’t be bothered to make links to all 29 runes here so pick which ever ones you prefer from my dropbox below:


2 thoughts on “Monk Rune Chart

  1. i have to set some auras to the windwalker, i would love if you do something for them 😛


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