Restoration Shaman

I just know I am going to regret sharing these because they are no longer one of a kind.



Art files you will need:

Restoration Shaman


Import string(s):

Its a more robust looking crest so its a given there will be a lot more stuff.  I have it set to show on target-only.  So if you don’t like that, have fun changing every single aura.

Restoration Shaman – Main Crest group

Ocean Elements

Water Elements


Optional Weak Auras:

Wellspring Target Count – by buquoy @

It displays a Wellspring icon with a number count of potential number of targets you can currently hit if cast.  Currently set to work for raids only. I’m sure you can easily change it for 5 mans too.


4 thoughts on “Restoration Shaman

  1. Can you post the resto crest. I know the spell animations are the same, but it is a little awkward with the ele crest xD. Thanks!


  2. I need this in my life. It’s so well done, holy hell!


  3. Hey, could u check the Link for the Art file again? The link sends me to the Druid Art File.

    – Mamo


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