Windwalker Monk

I liked the hadouken fire ball one.  The fist in the middle is very Kung Fu Panda 3-ish.  I might change it to fill with golden light like in the movie.  Purple glow? What was I thinking?

Windwalker 2.0:


First version:


Art files you will need:

interfaceaddonsCustom UI

  1.  Pandaren_crest.tga

interfaceaddonsCustom UIMonk runes

It should be the same first 4 chi runes as mistweaver, unless I screwed up.  The last 5th chi point is the purple bear paw.

  1. monk26.tga
  2. monk10.tga
  3. monk4.tga
  4. monk8.tga

If you don’t like the runes I have chosen, fuck you.  Go pick your own HERE and swap out the pathfiles for each one you are replacing.

Import string(s):

Windwalker Monk 

Windwalker Monk 2.0


2 thoughts on “Windwalker Monk

  1. Nice job man!


  2. amazing


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